Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Third Time Pays for All!

How many of you have tried to start your own company and it didn't work the first time? This one is my 2nd attempt and so far it's working but I am sure I could use some fine tuning and pretty soon.

One thing I have noticed is that in my first attempt I had a partner who had significantly different skills than I did AND we seemed to mesh pretty nicely until it just went sour. I know I have skill gaps and I am being reminded, EVERY DAY, that I am a really BAD ACCOUNTANT!

On the other hand, I do pretty well at building and maintaining relationships with some people.

Have you ever thought of building a collaboration of small companies, each of whom would provide organizational services to the others in the group? I think they call this a 'consortium' and although I have heard of one or two of these, they have never impressed me as substantially beneficial. However, I have only been trying this on my own for less than two years now. These organizations could get to look better and better as time goes by.


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